spicy egg tofu recipe

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When I add the vinager and cornstarch? Cook them until crispy and lightly browned, but be careful not to overcook them, otherwise the tofu will become tough. Basically, you can serve your tofu katsu with any Japanese sauce and side dish, because the crispy crusted vegan steak goes well with everything! If you need any tips with it let me know, I’m a pro by now. Whisk soy sauce, mirin, sesame oil, gochugaru, and 3 Tbsp. Read my disclosure policy. Thank you. The egg tofu is cubed;and cooked together with shrimp in a spicy and sweet sauce which contains daobanjiang (辣豆瓣酱) or spicy bean paste which is a popular condiment in Szechuan cooking. To make it a complete meal, … Add the tofu to the skillet and toss, add in a pinch of salt and pepper. The sizzling Tofu of Max Restaurant, a popular restaurant chain in the Philippines, … Are you missing scrambled eggs? Hope that helps! Ginger slivers and minced garlic are first stir-fried until aromatic, then the ingredients for the sauce are added into the wok for a quick fry. Remove from microwave, then add soy sauce and mix well. Drain on a paper towel. I love that method of frying the tofu, and it works so well! Love your Spicy Tofu recipe….. made it three times so far !!! Your email address will not be published. Add the tofu, mushrooms, and egg and cook them for another 2 to 3 mins. Just one question- How can I prevent the jelly type substance coming from the fried tofu? Good catch! Egg tofu (蛋豆腐), as its name suggests, is made a type of savoury tofu flavoured with egg. Thank you. It was so flavorful and had the perfect amount of spice. I hope they make it though, because its been getting cold outside at night. I pat the tofu dry and cut it into cubes. This income will go towards the running of this blog – thank you! Add 30 mL (2 Tbsp) of cooking oil. Try this easy and delicious Sizzling Tofu recipe that is inspired by Max's but with a spicy twist. //

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